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Saboo: (Meaning: soap in Newari, Thai and French)
Saboo is a product of Nepal, made locally with natural ingredients for your personal care regime. Our product portfolio includes Natural Handmade Soap Bars, Bodywash, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Roll-on and Diffusers. Focused on purity of ingredients and the right formulation, Saboo provides you with high quality and beautifully packaged products available internationally.
With the objective of delivering you a highest level of professionalism and providing you a spa like experience at home, our tagline is “PAMPER YOURSELF THE NATURAL WAY”. We strive to make you feel special, and try our best to create the best natural products to add to your skin care routine.

Story behind Nepali Cheno

Nepal, being a culturally rich country, has abundant products that are made using locally sourced raw materials. But, due to lack of awareness these products never come into limelight. Nepali Cheno bridges this gap by connecting consumers with producers of high quality products. With the aim of creating awareness that Nepalese products are of great quality and meet all the international standards, Nepali Cheno has been working out to bust the misconceptions regarding the quality of locally produced products. Our company is focused on finding producers who create high quality products using locally sourced resources. We promote these products in the niche market of expats and tourists who are on the lookout for such products. Our vision is to promote Nepalese high quality products to our customers and also help in the up-scaling of the producer’s capability.

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